So in love with this rose bush that Tyler planted. This is a Lambert Closse Rose. The hybrid tea shaped #roses are my absolute favorite. This one attracts #butterflies, is hardy for SK, disease resistant and have a long #bloom time. via Instagram

Finding Peace Dot By Dot

One of my favourite things to do is to hang out in bookstores. I always loved going to the library as a kid, borrowing books and reading just about anything. When the weather here hits -30C the last thing you would think of doing is leaving the house, but I find that if I stay in too long I start to go crazy. On one of my many trips to Indigo Books I picked up The 1000 Dot-to-Dot: Icons by Pavitt Thomas.  Far from the connect the dots books we had as kids, this book is filled with icons including William Shakespeare, Elvis Presley, Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela, and my favourite Mahatma Gandhi.

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Clean & Cozy

After tackling the fireplace, the living room was next to get a little makeover. It didn’t take much, just a couple coats of white paint and some new furniture. The key for me was to complete the room on a moderate budget.

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The first project to tackle in the new house was the fireplace. Even before purchasing the home I knew it was going to be the first thing to get a mini makeover. Since the fireplace isn’t operational any longer, it was just a matter of giving it a cosmetic facelift so that it could be the focal point in the dining room. Really happy with how it turned out and it was pretty easy to do.

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A New Home


The past month has been spent moving into a new house. So much space compared to the last! Built in 1912, and 3 stories high, it’s got all the unique charm one could ask for! The first purchase was a rug for the front door 😊

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