Tucker and Zoe is a blog that shares aspects of my life, interests and personal style.

I have always wanted to document the wonderful places I have been and share with others my little adventures.

In my previous job, I was able to travel the world to some really amazing places including Malaysia, India, Singapore, Denmark, and Vietnam (my favourite) to name a new. This not only gave me the opportunity to build and hone my marketing and business skills but I also had the chance to experience different cultures, meet new people, share stories and ideas, try all kinds of delicious local food and take in breathtaking landscapes. Most importantly, I gained invaluable life lessons and experiences that I will forever be grateful for. If you get the chance to travel, you should!

Most recently, I have taken on a new job and am now in a marketing and business development role for a start-up in Saskatchewan, Canada. This new position has allowed me to put the travelling on hold for a short while and enjoy the things I have always loved to do at home. I have a passion for design and am always excited to try something new and creative. I recently purchased a 1912 character home and will be tackling renovations, design and decorating over the next year (or so…let’s see how long it will take!).

A self-confessed beauty and fashion junkie, I love getting dressed every day and finding my own personal style without breaking the bank. My style has morphed throughout the years from runners and track pants, to oversized plaid shirts and frayed jeans, and now, to skinnies and heels! I truly believe you don’t need a ridiculous budget to look or feel good, just some basic essentials that you can build upon.

Hope you enjoy the blog!

xo, Amy

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