Nava and Sidra

Last April we went to Spain. Yes, last April. A lot has happened since then. We had a baby and became parents to the cutest little human being ever. Back to last year though. Around this time we were on vacation in Spain. One of the places we visited was a town called Nava. “Where the heck is Nava?” was my first question and “why are we going to Nava?” was the second.

We started in Oviedo. Located North of Madrid and West of Bilbao, in the province of Asturias, Oviedo is absolutely beautiful. You can read about the Oviedo part of our trip here. Now, thirty minutes from Oviedo is the town of Nava. We went there for one thing, and one thing only, the cider museum. I’ll assume that April isn’t really peak tourism season for Nava as we were the only ones in the museum and the staff let us in for free – score! Even though we were the only visitors, it didn’t deter from the interesting things to see inside and the friendly staff.

Inside the museum, you’ll find a lot of vintage and old-school cider equipment, learn about the production of cider, its historical origins, cultural importance in Spain, along with some fun games and interactive displays. Tyler took a ton of pictures, so here are  some of my favs.

Cider Press Original wooden cider production equipment. This thing was massive.

Sidra shoe
A wooden shoe. Possibly used for crushing apples for sidra?

DSC04472Bottling and cleaning equipment

Watching videos on the history of sidra. Plenty of available seating that day. The stools were actually pretty comfortable as there are butt grooves carved into them – nice touch!

A variety of cider bottles. The green whisky-style bottles are sort of their trademark here in Northern Spain

Bag pipes
Discovering my new found talent of playing the bagpipes also known as the Galician gaita in Northern Spain. Who knew that bagpipes were played in Spain?! If you want to learn more about that, you can read about it here.

Spanish Game
Playing a game that is commonly seen in pubs and taverns in Basque country.  The goal is to score as many points as you can by aiming 10 metal disks at the frog chest. It’s called juego de la rana and it is much harder than it looks. It’s also a really loud game. I was terrible. Need to work on my tossing technique for next time.

Cider logos
One of the best parts of the museum for me was seeing all the sidra labels from around the world. Loved the designs, colours, fonts and how they changed throughout the years.

We were quite possibly the only tourists in Nava that day

Houses in Nava
Loved the colourful buildings surrounding the town square. Where was everyone though?

Nava Blue
A wall this blue is just too perfect to pass up

Nava Grafitti Art
Escansciador, the pourer of cider, graffiti style

Sidra Poster
Sidra festival poster, circa 1976

I’ve now learned that the best time to visit Nava is in July during the Nava Cider Festival. During this time, hundreds of sidra microbrewers are in town for a sidra showdown! There’s music, sidra, sidra and more sidra. They also have pouring competitions – a tradition where competitors pour the cider, without looking at the glass, by tilting the bottle several feet above the glass. There’s splashing, bubbles, just a lot of fun. Nava is certainly worth a visit if you are in Northern Spain. I would love to return during the festival as it would be fun to see the town full of people and energy!

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