Mother & Daughter

Mother and Daughter Mother and Daughter Mother and DaughterI’ve been living in Saskatoon for over 10 years – moved here to attend university and just stayed afterwards. It’s probably the perfect distance from my parents, brother and sister – just a couple hours drive by car and an easy weekend visit. There’s times when I wish I was closer but mom is pretty much available for a phone call 24/7.  On a recent trip to Regina, we spent some time at the Regina Floral Conservatory. It’s sort of a tucked away, little hidden paradise that my brother had discovered and mom loves to visit throughout the year.

Throughout my teens, my mom and I didn’t have the best relationship – my mom’s “tough love”/tiger mom techniques weren’t compatible with my brooding, moody, rebellious, emotional teenage self. These days though, we talk nearly everyday. Our conversations are random and ridiculous for the most part – my mom’s growing catering business and the orders she’s taken this week, her fitness journey/battle as she’s recovering from knee surgery, updates on her friends and which ones are now grandmothers or soon to be grannies, and of course, the adventures and mishaps of her dog, Meatball, an overweight Shih Tzu cross that has pretty much become her 4th (and most loved) child to date.

As I grow older, I’ve really come to appreciate my relationship with my parents and the sacrifices they’ve made for myself and my siblings. Without sounding entirely too sappy or sentimental – be sure to give your parents a call, even if its just to say hi!

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