Spring Basics 101: The trench coat

Took some time between work and class to snap some pictures. There’s a school near my place that we thought would make a nice backdrop for some pics so it was the perfect opportunity to take a break from studying. Spring in Saskatoon is a mish mash of snow, rain, wind, dust, heat and then more snow, so while it seems to be warming up everywhere else in the world, here it’s in limbo. It is the true definition of transitional weather as Mother Nature makes up her mind on when we can start wearing short sleeves and open-toed shoes.


I picked up this trench coat from the Gap about  5 years ago. It’s a spring must have if you’re looking for something that’s neutral, classic and for when you need to walk in looking like a boss or Inspector Gadget. I like that this one is a thicker material as I need my clothes to be functional during this time of year – did I say it can get windy here? It’s also a great length (above the knee) for shorter persons like myself.

I really like the look of dressing in a classic way –  you can wear the same item season after season without looking or feeling dated. The LV cross body has been my go-to these days and is the perfect size for keeping the essentials: cell phone, wallet and lipgloss (or two!). The boots are Zara and although seriously pretty, are a little bit high for long distance errand-running. Note to self: switch to runners next time.






Trench, denim and boots: Zara, Purse: Louis Vuitton, Sunglasses: RayBan

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