Clean & Cozy

After tackling the fireplace, the living room was next to get a little makeover. It didn’t take much, just a couple coats of white paint and some new furniture. The key for me was to complete the room on a moderate budget.

Light coloured furniture may not be the best choice when you have a German Shepherd waltzing around but we try to prevent him from rubbing up against things by keeping the “lanes” wide.
The sofa is from The Hudson Bay, purchased a couple years ago, its holding up alright. It’s the perfect size for the room, doesn’t show dog hair too badly and the cushions are removable when you really want to sprawl out on weekends. It isn’t available any longer in the store, but there are similar ones here and here. I love the lamp – handmade using a piece of peach-leaved willow found on a walk by the river.

The arm chair, aka “the love chair” is from EQ3. It’s wide enough to fit two people, perfect for scooching up. I like its clean mid-century design, plus it is made in Canada which is also a nice bonus. The legs on the ottoman were spray painted black and a stop to Fabricland allowed for a quick reupholster job.

Someone wanted in on the action and got a new bowtie.

A couple of sheepskins from HomeSense and Jysk helped add some coziness – one is real and one isn’t, but you can’t really tell the difference until you’re up close (and barefoot). The rest of the items were found at Target including the coffee table, floor lamp, rug, side table and ottoman. The rug was the latest purchase and is my $150 budget interpretation of the Moroccan Beni Ouarain rugs which are popping up everywhere in design magazines lately. Side note: bummer that Target is closing all of its stores in Canada. We love their products, especially the Nate Berkus line.

To add some colour (and oxygen) to the room, we picked up a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree from The Home Depot. I love the shapes on this little tree and hopefully I can keep it alive. Apparently, this a sensitive and needy plant, so I’m taking whatever tips and advice I can find on the internet in order to keep it happy.

All in all, happily pleased with how the room came together! The dining room is next, just waiting on this table from Canadel to arrive next month!

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