The first project to tackle in the new house was the fireplace. Even before purchasing the home I knew it was going to be the first thing to get a mini makeover. Since the fireplace isn’t operational any longer, it was just a matter of giving it a cosmetic facelift so that it could be the focal point in the dining room. Really happy with how it turned out and it was pretty easy to do.

The original firebox/insert just had to be kept as it was solid, black and made of cast iron. It was just a matter of incorporating new with old. Luckily, I found inspiration for the design from Young House Love. The instructions seemed pretty straightforward and highly do-able! From there, it was a matter of finding the materials that were within budget.

I should have taken a picture of the fireplace before the makeover but it was basically two round wooden pillars and a mantle surrounded by dark green tiles. Yep, you’re out. We removed the pillars and popped off the tile. Started refacing with some MDF from The Home Depot.

Lo and behold, under the tile was some sort of yellow foam adhesive. Scraped that off as much as possible and built the framing.

The framing was then covered with more MDF. Yay – its starting to come together. We left the original mantle on and the next step was to add the tile and grout.

The fireplace was refaced with a fantastic marble mosaic tile from Uberhaus that we picked up at Rona. It was super easy to install and I loved the pattern. The Uberhaus products at Rona are pretty awesome. They’re modern, high quality, yet affordable. Win!

Time for the detail work – moulding, trim, sanding. The cast iron insert goes back in nicely. My nails were destroyed, but it was worth it.

The finished product. I just love how it turned out – it’s definitely the focal point of the dining room but is still classic in the design. Time for the next project!

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